The capital of Cheliax—an entire country sworn to the god of humanity’s worship at the time—Westcrown was the expected site of Aroden’s return and had spent decades preparing for the event. A massive plaza known as the Arodennama, complete with a towering statue of the god, stood ready to receive the deity, yet after his death, it took only a few short years for the church of Aroden to fall. The Arodennama was abandoned, and the entire country found itself in the grips of a civil war with fierce diabolists.
The Last of First Humans, The Last Azlanti
Lawful NeutralFavored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Glory, Knowledge, Law, Protection
Portfolio: Humanity, innovation, and history

The Last of the First Humans was an immortal descendant of the ancient human kingdom of Azlant, which sank below the waters of the Arcadian Ocean in -5293 AR, when the Starstone fell from space. It created the Inner Sea with its impact, and cast the world into a thousand years of darkness.

Somehow, Aroden survived. Thus, he is considered the “Last of the First Humans” because he was (by several thousand years) the last “pure-blooded” High Azlanti to die. Other Azlanti survivors of the cataclysm interbred with other humans and, of course, died of old age. He is best known for raising the Starstone to its current resting place on the Isle of Kortos, at the heart of the city of Absalom. He thereafter ascended into the heavens, becoming the patron deity of the Kingdom of Taldor.

Over a period of a few thousand years, Taldor (which is located due east of the Isle of Kortos) spread northwest across the southern reaches of the continent of Avistan, where its frontier land claimed territory now known as Cheliax. When Taldor eventually became decadent and effete, the clerics of Aroden took their religion (and their mandate from heaven) west to Cheliax.

Aroden was a god of human culture, innovation, and history. An important prophecy suggested that he was to manifest on Golarion in 4606 AR, marking the beginning of a long-awaited Age of Glory. Instead, at the appointed hour, Golarion was wracked with three weeks of storms (leaving the Eye of Abendego as a lasting reminder). When the weather broke, the clerics of Aroden found themselves disconnected from their god, and all presume Aroden is dead.


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